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Pricing Information

SETUP  ($12.00)
To digitize and save the base size of a production ready pattern for each garment, containing up to six (6) parts, $1.00 more for each additional element.
  GRADE  (10 sizes: $50.00  |  5 sizes: $35.00)
Using customer provided grading specifications, the price to grade a garment containing up to six (6) parts.
MARKER MAKING  ($4.00 per garment)
To lay primary marker for each marker group. Price is for each garment up to six (6) elements per garment. $1.00 more for each additional part.

Example: You request a marker with a 1/2/1 ratio of garments per size (1 small, 2 mediums, 1 large), that would be considered four (4) garments. The price for each accompanying COMBO marker, such as a lining, pillion, or combination marker is $8.00
  PLOTTING  ($0.75 per yard)
The price per yard to plot the original and copies of markers. Extra Mini Markers, useful for file management, are available at a charge of $2.00 per mini marker.

Single size garment plotting is available at a charge of $1.00 per size.
DATA TRANSFER  ($10.00 per transfer)
To save files to a floppy or E-Mail to a remote PAD system.
  PATTERN MAKING  (Starts at $35.00)
To develop a first pattern from a sample. Up to six (6) parts. $8.00 for each additional part.
CONSULTING  ($35.00 per hour)
We have on-staff pattern makers to help you with pattern development and design. Please contact us for all you pattern related needs.